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Fine Art Photography by Roger Passman

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Forty-eight of my most popular fine art photography images (based on views and sales) are found on the front page of my images gallery. Others love them, perhaps you will too!

The second page of my images gallery displays my most recent fine art photograph (unless one or more made the front page and was replaced by a more popular image.) Don't forget to look there and beyond too.

Most of my fine art photography images are available in Limited Editionswith each edition limited to 25 prints. Once the limit is reached no further photographic prints will be offered for sale or made without the signature. The image may still be available as posters, art prints, canvas prints, metal prints, greeting cards, household items such as towels or shower curtains or other practical art. If you wish to purchase a Limited Edition Print please CONTACT ME directly using the contact button in this sidebar. I will contact you with details about the process for making a limited edition purchase within 24 hours of receipt of your message. I am sorry but limited edition prints are not covered by our guarantee.

I divide my time between Chicago in the summer and Phoenix in the winter. The first hint of cold, generally sometime in late September I flee the dreadful weather and head to Arizona. Conversely, when the temperature reaches 105 degrees for three consecutive days I run from the dreadful heat back to the humidity of the midwest. That, my friends, explains the split in my images from midwest to the Sonoran Desert and places in between.

My image making process is simple. I often look for the often overlooked, for the vista that is seen but is not 'iconic,' for the piece of the whole suggesting more but teasing a viewer into the realm of imagination or the macro where the object of the image is the center of attention. I shoot in RAW digital format allowing me to convert to HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery before deciding to stick with color or convert to black and white. The RAW format provides me with a starting point to then exercise constrained creativity in order to re-present my particular vision re-creating that which I saw at the moment of shutter release.

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Autumn Near Woodstock Illinois by Roger Passman


Illinois Prairie Moments Before Sunrise by Roger Passman


Barn with Green Roof by Roger Passman


Late Afternoon on the Farm by Roger Passman


Moraine Hills at Sunrise by Roger Passman


Early Fall Morning on the Fox River by Roger Passman


House, Shed and Outhouse Bodie Ghost Town by Roger Passman


LaSalle Street Chicago by Roger Passman


Wood Door with Handle Detail by Roger Passman


Black Tern Marsh October Sunrise by Roger Passman


Gas Pump Bodie California by Roger Passman


On the Road To Bodie Ghost Town by Roger Passman


Cathedral Creek Cascade on the Tioga Pass by Roger Passman


The Gore Range in Panorama by Roger Passman


Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest by Roger Passman


Storm Clouds and Superstition Mountain in Panorama by Roger Passman


80 Year Old Truck at Bodie Ghost Town by Roger Passman


Superstition Mountain and Wilderness by Roger Passman


Cathedral Creek Cascade on Tioga Pass Road by Roger Passman


Yosemite Falls Framed by Ponderosa Pines by Roger Passman


Cascade along the Tioga Pass Yosemite by Roger Passman


Long's Peak in Haze by Roger Passman


Longs Peak from above Bear Lake Road by Roger Passman


Tioga Pass Lake Ellery Early Summer by Roger Passman


Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore II by Roger Passman


Mine Shack at Bodie Ghost Town by Roger Passman


Kitchen Table Bodie California by Roger Passman


Abandoned Green Truck Bodie Ghost Town by Roger Passman


Bonneville Salt Flats Detail No. 2 by Roger Passman


Morning Reflections on Lake Tioga by Roger Passman


Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain National Park by Roger Passman


Bonneville Salt Flats Detail No. 01 by Roger Passman


Manzanar Food Delivery Truck and Mt. Whitney by Roger Passman


Manzanar Fire Truck Hood and Grill Detail by Roger Passman


Mount Whitney From the Western Boundary of Manzanar Concentratio by Roger Passman


Oak Creek Cascade by Roger Passman


Statue of Liberty Las Vegas Reflections by Roger Passman


Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock Sedona Arizona by Roger Passman


Desert and Mountains by Roger Passman


Utah Juniper on Oak Creek outside Sedona AZ by Roger Passman


New York in Las Vegas by Roger Passman


Saguaro Detail No. 28 by Roger Passman


Abandoned Circus Transport Car by Roger Passman


Elephant Butte Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park by Roger Passman


Saguaro Detail No. 27 by Roger Passman


Southbound on US 93 by Roger Passman


Saguaros Everywhere by Roger Passman


Saguaro Detail No. 26 by Roger Passman